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Buying Process Overview

Purchasing a home is most likely the biggest investment you will make so it is prudent to find and work with an agent who is not only dedicated to working with you in a timely manner, but familiar with the areas where you are considering your purchase.

Stefan Gerber  partners with you every step of the way to find your perfect new home. Here is the process outlined from beginning to end:


Pre-Qualification & Financing
Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage not only saves time, but gives you a competitive edge in situations where other offers are placed on the same property. This also determines your budget so you can narrow your search and look for properties in your price range.


Finding Your New Home
Once your budget is established, you will sit down with Stefan and outline all your needs and wishes for your ideal home. Stefan will compile and send you a list of all the MLS properties that meet your requirements and arrange viewing appointments.


Proposing an Offer
When you find a property and want to place an offer on it, Stefan will quickly prepare a detailed comparative analysis on that property to make sure that your offer has the best possible chance of being accepted at the best possible purchase price.


Accepting the Offer
The offer is complete once all the parties agree on the terms of sale, however there may still be conditions or subjects to the contract that the buyer or seller needs to resolve before the sale is finalized.  At this point, it is also advisable to get the property inspected before the conditions are removed.


Removing Conditions
An addendum is signed and added to the contract stating that all conditions have been removed, and a copy of the completed deal is sent to your lawyer.


Mortgage and Legal Documentation
Meet with your lending institution and lawyer to sign any necessary documents, about a week before completion date.


Follow up Call
Also about a week prior to completion date, Stefan will call you and your lawyer to ensure that every detail in the process is running seamlessly on schedule.


Completion Day and Transfer of Title
The title changes hands on the completion day and the transfer of title document clears the seller of all financial encumbrances associated with the property. You are now the proud owner of the home!


Possession Date
At noon on the day of completion and transfer of title, you will receive the keys and can move in.

During and after the entire purchase process, Stefan will maintain regular communication with you to ensure a seamless and thorough transaction.

Learn more about buying a home with Stefan Gerber. 

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