Success Stories


John Goldsmith

“Stefan,  it’s hard to believe you sold our home for us, as planned with multiple offers, in just 11 short days. And that you did so in a rainy, dull, January is even more remarkable. I will recap what happened just to make sure I’m not dreaming.
John Goldsmith - reference letter

September 8, 2016

Rob Taylor & Bonnie Weeks

“When Stefan Gerber came to meet with us he came with a large and very detailed market analysis in hand. We hadn't even hired him yet, and he was already on the job. The choice was easy.”
Rob Taylor - reference letter

September 12, 2016

Davinder Dhaliwal

I was confïdent Stefan would be able to sell my town home even in the economic downturn the housing market was suffering at the time. Not only did Stefan sell my property for me, he also sold it for 99.5% of the asking price, which I thought was amazing. I would recommend Stefan to anyone looking to sell their property.
Davinder Dhaliwal Reffernce letter

September 20, 2016

Tania Nesterenko

“Stefan has shown himself as very understanding, very professional and sincerely interested in my needs. If you need an honest, trustful, professional and understanding realtor – there is the one – it’s Stefan Gerber. I, myself, wouldn’t wish to have any other one.”

Tania Nesterenko - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Will Chan

“In my opinion, there is no other realtor that provides a same level of service continuosly throughout the entire process. Stefan listens to his client's concerns and actually tailors his performance to the individual needs of each client. Needless to say, he was always reachable by phone or e-mail. Stefan certainly exceeded my high expectations.”
Will Chan - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Penny Christie

“Stefan stands head and shoulders above the rest of West Vancouver’s real estate professionals. He not only takes the time to listen and understand his client‘s needs, he partners with them every step of the process. I have never had anyone communicate with me as effectively as Stefan. Stefan went above and beyond my expectations with his resourcefulness, positivity, expertise, and great people skills. He is passionate and applies such sincerity and integrity. Above all, he gets the job done right for you.”

Penny Christie - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Lucy Sun

 今天我刚喜迁新居,激动兴奋之余,想与大家分享我愉快的买房经历。不久前我在网上看到了有一处公寓出售,打电话给卖方的经纪人Stefan Gerber先生,约定次日看房。跟Stefan谈话时,我感觉他很专业,具备丰富的行业经验,了解房地产市场动态和房屋价格以及区位特点。事后得知,原来他的父亲也是房产经纪人,Stefan从小耳濡目染,如今已有相当可观的业绩。.”
Lucy Sun- reference letter

September 20, 2016

Tommy Qian

“From April 2007 I have started selling… I have requested 3 agents to help me, but all have been unsuccessful in selling… In the situation of the world economic depression, I have already lost my confidence for selling… Finally I asked Stefan to hold the post as my agent… through his hard work, the unit was sold…. I’d like to say my very thanks to Stefan Gerber. At the same time, I would also like to tell you if you need a agent to help you sell the house during this period of time, I would recommend you agent Stefan Gerber.”
Tommy Qian - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Oli & Vera Hanneson

"Stefan’s plan and references were excellent. His personality and ambition drew us to him. Although few, if any houses, were selling, he managed to contact many people in a short time, and presto, our house was sold. Thank you Stefan, for keeping us informed, for your hard work, and for selling our house quickly during difficult times."
Oli & Vera Hanneson - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Professor Geoffrey Bargh

"I enthusiastically endorse Mr. Gerber in the highest possible terms for his professionalism, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone when considering selling their property."
Geoff Bargh - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Albert Rakchtis and Family

"My family and I want to say a big thank you to Stefan Gerber. Stefan Gerber sold our apartment within 1.5 weeks. Everything from beginning was so organized and at the end we got more money than we originally asked. It was a pleasure to do business with you. We will recommend you to our entire friend at the real-estate matter."
Albert Rakchtis - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Joan Schafer

"Stefan saved us a tremendous amount of time, effort, and stress; and we undoubtedly netted more profit than if we had sold it privately. We couldn’t have wished for better!"
Joan Schafer - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Gary & Sharon Spence

"Based on our experience, if you choose to list with Stefan Gerber, we know that you will not be disappointed. He has an incredible work ethic, looked out for our best interests at all times and was very supportive and professional in all of his dealings with us. We can’t say enough good things about him and won’t hesitate to recommend him to our friends and family."
Gary and Sharon Spence - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Steve & Anne Gibson

"Thank you for your very astute and professional handling of the sale of our North Vancouver home. Following your advice, we achieved a quick and solid sale that realized us well over 30% above assessed value. We thank you for your exceptional service and would gladly recommend you to future clients. "
Steve and Anne Gibson - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Matthew and Donna Jong

"We found Stefan to be honest, efficient and forthright in his efforts and would highly recommend Stefan Gerber to our family and friends if they are ever in the need of a realtor to represent them."
Matt and Donna Jong - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Henry and Victoria Levkin

"We think Mr. Stefan Gerber is the best realtor in Vancouver. Of course, we hope he will be our realtor anytime we sell a house, for us and for our kids. Call us without hesitation if you need more details! Best regards to you in the sale of your house!"
Henry and Victoria Levkin - reference letter

September 20, 2016

John Bryan

"Pat, Angela and I would like to express our thanks for your tremendous efforts in selling our condo in such a short time. We tried to sell the condo privately, but to no avail. Fortunately, Angela was able to see that you would be the agent who would sell the condo for us … allowed two prospective buyers to force the price up $10,000 more than the selling price."
John Bryan - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Bob Anderson

"Evoking the “strategy” resulted in 4 offers after a span of four days, while I did not receive an offer in five months with another realtor. I believe in the “strategy” – it works! Once again, thank you for keeping me informed during the entire selling process up to and including the completion."
Bob Anderson - reference letter

September 20, 2016

Bob Duncan

"As you know we had the property on the market for some time and took it off because of an apparent lack of interest. You convinced us of a marketing plan, a pricing strategy and a commitment to work with us. We sold the property within a week of it being listed for $30,000 more than the asking price. We couldn't have done it without you."

September 20, 2016

Gordon Harmon

"Your diligence, professionalism, efficiency and well executed presentation have not gone unnoticed. You have been a great asset to the Prudential team and I wish you continued success and a long association with our company."
Gordon Harmon - reference letter

September 20, 2016

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